Haus der Jugend

In the "Haus der Jugend" (house of youth) we can use two large rooms for main workshops, as well as the dining area, where we will have our breakfast and which we can use for all other meals during bad weather.



Circus top and meadow

A big meadow and a circus top belong to the "Haus der Jugend"! We will play, relax, eat and have workshops on the meadow. In the circus top we will have the Saturday night show!



Turn Klubb zu Hannover (TKH)

On Saturday and Sunday we can use many rooms of the TKH, small rooms for optional workshops, the large gym for main workshops.



Stay over night

You want to stay over night on site? We can use two rooms in the basement of the TKH for sleeping. There are toilets and showers as well. Please bring everything you need for your stay, i.e. mat, sleeping bag, towels. The rooms need to be left as we found them, please take everything with you after your stay! We don't have places for camper vans on site or next to the GHC location, you need to find a car park. But we have enough space in the gyms to stay over night.



Car park

You can park your car in the Maschstraße, see directions on how to get there. The location is in a low-emission zone, so your car needs a green sticker (check German rules for low-emission zones).