GHC Orga team


Bö van de Fresje

In 2017 Bö was introduced to hoop dance by a friend. After joining Ina Hoopina’s workshops in Göttingen, she learned her first tricks and fell in love with her hoop. She has been feeling part of the hoop community since 2018`s German Hoop Convention. Lots of workshops in Slovenia and Switzerland followed.
She is learning to become a coach in May and eager to gain more hooping experience along the way. Being also fond of healthy diets and ecological sustainability, she is looking forward to take care of the GHC food catering service.

About Us

Dscho Si

Dscho Si was looking for a sport that was not about competition or pressure to perform. In 2014 she found the hooplove and since then colored plastic circles are a part of her life. Lately her time for hooping became smaller and smaller but after the birth of her child she will start soon with her practicing. She has already taken over the ticketing for the GHC in recent years and so she will take care of your participation and your ticket for the GHC again in 2020.

Ina Hoopina

Ina’s passion for Hoopdance startet in 2010 and accompanied her in various ways. She taught herself most of the hoop tricks and started teaching hoopdance in 2011 in Hannover. Ina brought the German Hoop Convention to live in 2012 together with friends.

Ina teaches and performs hoopdance in her hometown Göttingen, at juggling conventions, national and international hoop events such as Swhoop, Get The Ring and Hoop Touch.


Martin got into hooping through his wife Ina Hoopina. In the beginning, he didn't hoop at all and mainly helped out at Ina's hoop events. Their journeys around the world were often led by the hoop and hoop events and so Martin picked up the hoop frequently and learned a few tricks. He was the MC at several hoop shows and showed some of his hoop tricks on stage. He was never more than an amateur beginner hooper, but he is a really good organiser, leading two own companies. The GHC is a matter, which is near to his heart.


By luck, Rainer came to the GHC in 2013. Formerly an aerobic trainer and long-time dancer, he was enthusiastic about the new type of movement from the start and has been a permanent member of the Hannover Hoop Group since then. He has steadily expanded his skill with various workshops and in addition to sport, he appreciates the always relaxed and open community. Rainer is happy to be able to help this great community with another great event, which for him will always be connected with his entry into the hoop world.

Rosi Peoples

In 2012 Rosi picked up her hoop for the first time since her childhood – and hasn’t stopped hooping yet!
After she had taken over the local Hanover hoopdance group from Ina Hoopina in 2013, Rosi started performing regularly at events in Hanover’s sports world – on her own as well as with her troupe. She organises hoopdance workshops in Hanover and teaches hoopdance in addition to her regular class at various conventions and events: kids groups, kids circus conventions, FS Hoop Con, Hansehoop and Hooprausch.
Rosi became a certified sports instructor in 2018 and is happy to have even more opportunities to spread the hoop love! She loves playing with one hoop and is an enthusiastic inventor of trick combos and choreographies.
Rosi hasn’t missed one single German Hoop Convention and has always been a vonlunteer since 2013. At all the various hoop events she attended she was able to meet so many fantastic hoopers and people. For Rosi it is a great pleasure and honour to be part of the renewed German Hoop Convention Team!